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How is the cost determined?

There are many factors that are used to determine the cost of your move to Alaska. Listed below are the processes that we use to determine your final cost.

1. Origin Services

Our agent in your hometown provides the initial survey to determine how much weight you are moving and what special services are needed. They will coordinate your packing and moving dates. Additionally they will answer most questions related to your move. They communicate with your Alaska Move Coordinator to ensure your move is completed on time and as needed to ensure a quality move to Alaska. The agent then provides the following services:
  • All packing of boxes
  • Crating of fragile items such as marble tops, glass tops, and similar items
  • Provide a full descriptive inventory of your belongings
  • Loading of the container, ThruVan or overseas shipping crates (lift vans)
  • Complete preparation of liftvans for shipping to port
  • Providing all origin paperwork services and communication with the customer

    2.   Trucking To Port

    After your shipment is loaded into the container or overseas shipping crates, your shipment is then trucked to our port agent in Seattle/Tacoma. Full containers are delivered directly to the ocean carrier.

    3.  The Port Agent

    If your shipment does not completely fill a full shipping container, we send your overseas shipping crates (liftvans) to one of our Port Agents. The port agent receives the shipment and consolidates your shipment with other household goods shipments going to Alaska. The port agent then delivers the full container to the ocean carrier.

    4.  The Ocean Carrier

    As a Federal Maritime Commission Licensed NVOCC, we work with multiple ocean carriers that service Alaska. Your shipment is transported to Alaska on one of these quality carriers ships. Once your shipment arrives in Alaska the ocean carrier delivers your shipment to our local agent in Alaska (Destination Agent).

    5. Trucking via Alcan Highway

    Some of our shipments are loaded onto one  of our thru-vans and trucked to Alaska via  the Alcan Highway. Our specially equipped Thru-Vans are air ride vans and provide direct service to all major points in Alaska that are accessible by highway. These vans have a full compliment of pads, dollies, ramps and all equipment to safely transport your household goods directly to your new home and unloaded by our experienced crews.      

    6. The Destination Agent

    In Alaska we have a network of the best local moving companies that deliver your goods in the most professional manner. They unload, unpack as requested, put things together that were taken apart by us at the origin and remove all wrapping and packing debris from the residence. They can provide storage at their state-of- the- art facilities. All our agents have full background checks and drug testing policies to make sure that only qualified personnel arrive at your new home.

    These are the processes that are involved in relocating your precious belongings to Alaska. At Premier Van Lines we only use quality partners to make sure that you get the best service possible. If you have any questions about the process, feel free to call one of our Alaska Relocation Specialists at 1-877-784-2111. 

    Premier Van Lines is a fully licensed NVOCC/OTI # 019297N