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Our In Home Survey Policy

Full Service Moves
Keeping prices low is important to Premier Van Lines. In order to keep pricing low, we have a policy to charge a $125.00 in home survey fee for customers within a 30 mile radius of our origin agent. This pays for our local agent to come to your home and help determine what you need to have a successful move to Alaska. The representative will help determine the estimated weight of your shipment, what needs to be packed, if there are any special services required and help determine what needs to done to ensure a safe and efficient move. This will provide you the necessary information to make an informed decision about your move. This charge is credited to your move if you move with us, so there is no actual cost for our customers. 

This charge is paid directly to the agent who does the survey in your home. You can pay them with a personal check, call our office and place the charge on your credit card, or have the local agent charge your credit card in person. Payment is made at the time of the survey, but there is no charge if you cancel the appointment before the agent arrives at your house.

For customer beyond the 30 mile radius of our local agent there will be a higher charge for the survey and we will provide a quote on an individual basis. Once again, this charge will be credited to your move if you move with Premier Van Lines.

Do It Your Self Moves
The charge for Do-It-Yourself moves is also $125.00, but this charge is not refundable, nor does it apply to your move as Do-It-Yourself pricing does not include this service. Payment is made directly to the local agent who does the survey. This service can be helpful to you so you can determine how much weight you have, how many liftvans you need, what kind of packing material is needed and lots of other information that you help you have a successful move to Alaska.

Any questions about this policy, please call one of our Alaska Move Coordinators and we will provide any answers you need.