Read this page about Internet Moving Scams first before you choose your next mover.
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How does your website differ from most of the ones I see on Google, Yahoo and other search engines?

Most of the websites that come up on the internet are lead generation sites, meaning they get your information and sell it to other companies. What this means to you is that you will get barraged by companies offering you moving services at ridiculous prices. Unfortunately, many of these companies are what we call "Rogue Movers." These are companies give low prices initially only to up the price and hold onto your goods until you pay them. Most of these companies are not licensed.

Premier Van Lines is a real moving company with our Headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah and our military moving division in Weirton West Virgina.  We also have fully staffed sales offices in Mesa, Arizona. We are fully licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission and the US Department of Transportation. We have a network of licensed and bonded local moving companies/agents throughout the United States and all of Alaska. We do moves in and out of Alaska for people like you and the US Military. We provide you all the information you need to make an informed decision on your move. We are committed to providing you the best service possible at a fair price.
Do you include packing of my boxes?

In our full service prices, we include all the services needed to relocate you to Alaska. This includes packing of all boxes, loading of the containers, shipping to Alaska, delivery inside your residence, set up of all items that we disassemble and unpacking of boxes as requested.
Do I need to pay a deposit?

Absolutely not. You should never have to pay a deposit to arrange your move with any mover. Asking for a deposit is a sign of a "Rogue Mover" practice. Since they are not a real mover, they take money in advance and do not deliver as promised. Note: Some legitimate movers in major cities do charge a deposit, but it should be fully refundable.
When do I pay for my move?

Premier Van Lines requires payment once your shipment has been picked up by our local agent and properly weighed. Once we have the shipment weighed and have determined the final charges we will email you an invoice. We accept all major credit cards or you can overnight a cashiers check to our headquarters or deliver the cashiers check to our local agent. Once payment is made your shipment will be on its way to Alaska.
How long does it take to get my things to Alaska?

Transit time to Alaska varies depending on where you live. From the east coast it takes an average of 4 to 8 weeks. From the west coast it takes 2 to 6 weeks. Once your shipment is loaded on the steamship or our Thru Van, we will notify you of the scheduled arrival date in Alaska. We will then arrange, with our agent in Alaska, a preferred delivery date based on your location. We cannot provide a guaranteed delivery date due to the variables that are placed on us by the ocean carriers, weather and other conditions beyond our control. We do everything we can to get your shipment delivered to your schedule.
Do you deliver my things into my residence?

Our full service pricing includes delivery into your residence. Our base price includes delivery to the ground floor entrance. Once inside the residence there is no extra charge for second floors or basements (except for pianos). If you move into a residence or apartment where there are more than 7 steps outside the residence, elevator or excess distance over 75 feet, there may be an extra charge. Our Alaska Move Coordinator can explain this to you.

Caution: We see that many of the internet movers do not include delivery into your residence.
If I choose the do-it-yourself option and when I arrive in Alaska, can I change my mind and pay to have my things delivered to my residence?

Yes, but there will be an additional charge for this service. The rate will be determined by our local agent in Alaska. The charge for this will vary depending on your final delivery address.
Can my car be shipped in the same container with my household goods?

Yes, If you choose to put your vehicle into a container with your household goods it is best to load it to the rear of the container. Our Thru-Van's are able to move your vehicle also. Costs for your car will be determined based on the type of vehicle you are shipping. Our Alaska Move Coordinator can review all your options for transporting vehicles.  

Caution: Please do not attempt to load your vehicle without our knowledge. You could be penalized for this.
Can you provide storage of my belongings?

Yes, storage can be provided by our origin agent who picks your shipment up or we can store it in Alaska with our agent there. Storage is an additional cost and must be quoted on an individual shipment basis.
Can the weather affect what I am shipping?

Most items will transport safely to Alaska in our various shipping methods. When packing you should avoid packing liquids as they can freeze causing the containers they are in to break. Once thawed the liquids will cause damage to other items in your shipment. We recommend that you do not ship any liquids.
What about guns and ammunition?

No ammunition or explosives can be shipped under any circumstances. Unloaded firearms can be shipped but must be declared at all times. Our Thru-Van service goes through Canada and we are not permitted to bring firearms through Canada unless we make them available for customs inspection. We are required to verify all firearms and their make, model and serial number.

We will provide a form authorized by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to document receipt and delivery of all firearms. Not following proper procedures regarding firearms can subject you to criminal prosecution.

If you have any other questions, call one of our Alaska Relocation Specialists at