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Can I move myself?

The answer is yes, depending on how involved you want to be. We have full container shipping, Air Ride Thru-Van service and in many cities we have arranged with our agents to provide you the ability to load our liftvans yourself. (Be advised there may be some cities in which we cannot provide this service.)

Premier Van Lines arranges to truck the liftvans to the port, provide the ocean shipping, and deliver to an agent in Alaska where you can arrange to unload the liftvans into your own truck and deliver your own belongings.

There are three methods of do-it-yourself shipping to Alaska:

Method 1: Overseas Shipping Crates (Lift vans)

Overseas Shipping Crates (Lift vans): 
Our agent in your hometown provides you with our special overseas shipping crates called liftvans, for you to load. This is usually done at their warehouse although it may be possible for them to leave a trailer with several shipping crates at your residence, however this would incur an additional cost. Normally you would use a rental truck to bring your belongings to the local agent's warehouse where you can load your belongings into the crates. You will need to bring the entire load at one time so the agent can have the number of crates you need available at one time. Each liftvan is approximately 196 cubic feet. It's dimensions are 87" x 45" x 87".  Each crate holds about a single room of furniture or 1000 lbs of normal household goods. Note: if you have items that are longer than 86 inches in length, they will require a special crate that will be more expensive. Sofas are a particular item that will need a special crate built. These crates could cost up to $400 and sometimes more. Call one of our Alaska Relocation Specialists if you have any of these items. Once you load the crates, the agent will seal the crates, put steel banding around it, and finish prepping the crate for shipping to Alaska. The price for special crates will vary from $225 to $400 depending on the city you live in.

Trucking To Port: 
After your shipment is loaded into the container or overseas shipping crates, your shipment is then trucked to one of our port agents in Seattle/Tacoma. Our port agent then consolidates your liftvans with others and consigns it to the ocean carrier that takes them to Alaska.

The Ocean Carrier: 
As a Federal Maritime Licensed NVOCC, we work with multiple ocean carriers that service Alaska. Your shipment is transported to Alaska on one of these quality carriers ships. Once your shipment arrives in Alaska the ocean carrier delivers your shipment to our local agent in Alaska (Destination Agent).

The Destination Agent: 
In Alaska we have a network of the best local moving companies that accept your liftvans and set them out for you to unload into your own truck. One of our Alaska Relocation Specialists can get you a quote based on how many liftvans you ship.
      Method 2:  Full Container Shipping

      Depending on the city you live in, we can bring a steel container directly to your location, leave it for up to 3 days for you to load your belongings, and the arrange to take it to the port and have it loaded onto the steamship and sent to Alaska.

      Once in Alaska, we will arrange to have the container delivered to your residence, provided there is access for the truck, where you can unload the container at your convenience. You will have up to 3 days to unload the container. We have 20', 40', 45' and sometimes 53'  containers, depending on your location. Call one of our Alaska Relocation Specialists and they will assist you with information and provide you a with a quote.
      Method 3: Air Ride Thru-Van Service

      Premier Van Lines can provide our Air Ride:  Thru-Van Service where you load and unload  your own shipment. We provide all pads, dollies, straps and loading ramps. You will be allowed 10 pads per 1000 lbs. or 150 cubic feet used. Our charge is based on weight or the space you take on the truck. We use a weight multiplier of 7 pounds per cubic foot.

      How does it work?
      Our Thru Vans are marked with cubic feet markers every 100 cubic feet. The driver will mark the start point of your load and will mark the ending point. He will then multiply the space used by 7 lbs. to develop your minimum weight. Example: If you use 500 cubic feet your minimum charge will be 3500 lbs. If your actual weight is more that 3500 lbs, you will be charged for the actual weight. You will be allowed one hour per 150 cubic feet to load and 1/2 hour per 150 cubic feet to unload. If you use more than the allotted time, you will be charged for the excess load/unload time. It is recommended that you be completely ready prior to the arrival of the Thru-Van to avoid any extra time charges. Our Alaska Move Coordinators can answer all your questions about out Air Ride Thru-Van service.

      These are the processes that are involved in our "Do It Yourself Moving" to Alaska. We at Premier Van Lines use only quality partners to make sure that you get the best service possible.

      If you have any questions about the process, feel free to call one of our Alaska Relocation Specialists at 877.784.2111.  
      Premier Van Lines is a fully licensed NVOCC/OTI # 024223N

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